Transporin, Inc. is a Silicon Valley R & D company with full ownership of IP rights to a broad array of life science and software technologies. Its business model emphasizes licensing and subscription revenue streams. It is Transporin's goal to operate with a minimum of fixed overhead costs. Corporate and academic collaborative projects are thus central to achieving its objectives, and joint R & D and business enterprises between Transporin and partner organizations form the bulk of its operations.

The company's area of strength lies in its above-average "innovation index". Many of its technologies represent first-in-class concepts for treating human disease and managing user knowledge and preference through advanced software-based psychological and knowledge segmentation strategies.


Expert Journal(TM) is Transporin's flagship product in expert clinical knowledge management, slated for launch in early 2015. The unit of knowledge is the retrospective ("Retro") which provides, for the first time, specific visual and compact data comparisons of key clinical data from paired studies. The images are rendered on-the-go, on mobile devices fully integrated with Twitter(TM) and FaceBook(TM), providing real-time access. It is a way to provide every user with the specific data comparisons upon which experts typically base their decisions. Each retro is deemed particularly important by a respected opinion leader in the relevant clinical field.

A second product area in development is eBook Match(TM) — an advanced, proprietary psychological profiling tool matching users' worldviews with writers and novels they would most likely enjoy reading. This tool is the "missing link" in today's increasingly streamlined distribution of content through retailers such as Amazon.


Transporin's MBD transporter platform supports a range of extraordinary products facilitating the targeted delivery of interventions inside the human body. Its Transfexa(TM) line of generic reagents enables researchers to deliver nucleic acids intracellularly both in vitro and in vivo with a precision and effectiveness not hitherto possible (and without requiring lipid-based carriers).

Ongoing collaborative R&D projects with academic and corporate partners employ MBD transporter technology to functionalize antibody and peptide-based biopharmaceutical drugs, including Nephrilin(TM) — a first-in-class drug for the treatment of neuroinflammatory stress..

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